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  • Tue, 19:29: I am now selling on gumroad! click the link to view my product https://t.co/IP3KYwdc15
  • Tue, 19:29: The Foolish dragon from @MajykalMelodi on @Gumroad: http://t.co/zMzl6xFv2b
  • Tue, 19:34: Coming in September, a short illustrated story about a sloth trying to exercise
  • Tue, 19:39: also the sloth is fat
  • Tue, 19:40: also the sloth is secretly me, shhhhhh don't tell anyone
  • Tue, 19:42: also, any signal boost for my gumroad stuff would be really appreciated. I have, like, 3 follower on twitter. The word doesn't get out much
  • Tue, 19:43: I love my followers though, you guys are the bee's knees
  • Wed, 03:02: still no takers for my gumroad book. Kinda really need money or I don't even think I can make it to school, can't pay for the bus
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