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SIGNAL BOOST: we ask for your donations & help for HAIYAN victims

Originally posted by nekojiro at SIGNAL BOOST: we ask for your donations & help for HAIYAN victims
Greetings to all!
AYA, Bloody Chairman of MxR Scans.

I'm writing this post for any of you who might be wondering why is there no update from xryuchan27 these past few days.  Apparently, our country, PHILIPPINES was recently hit by this massive typhoon HAIYAN or YOLANDA as we call it locally, and struck at the central area which consists of several provinces. With a gushing wind of almost 250KPH & a storm surge that's taller than an average building, the houses, livestocks, plantations, livelihood were instantly washed away leaving behind a trail of disaster, sorrow & countless of deaths.

xryuchan27 lives in Aklan, a neighboring province from where the main typhoon has hit.  I have not yet contacted her through text so I don't have a clue of the situation she is in.  It's possible that their area hasn't gained electricity for the elec. posts has gone down & it's one of the main problems so far, no celphone sites working either.  Me, living in the Metropolitan have been lucky that we didn't  felt the impact of the typhoon aside from harsh winds that came our way.  Nevertheless, it is nothing compared to what happened to my poor fellow countrymen.

Therefore, I ask you for your generous donations if you can help in any way.
If you can donate a dollar for a scanlation, I'm sure the same amount is a huge step for the victims to recovery.
Thank you very much for your continuous support and prayers.

Let's hope for THE BOSS to safely come back & resume her pending works!
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