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A Letter from Yaoi Papa (#1)

Originally posted by neeyuj at A Letter from Yaoi Papa (#1)
Since today is Sunday, a day that should be used for reading yaoi from yours truly, I have something to share with you.

Title: Haste Makes Waste
Circle: Kangaroo Kick

Title: ゆっくり続きます

Title: のら猫リンリン拾いました
Circle: ほうほうほうと相槌をうて。

Title: 初恋ラプソディ
Circle: Tsunakan

Title: 気まずいお泊り。

Aren't they so goooood? Don't they look so beautiful?

I don't have copies of them. I'm just showing you some good doujin from my dear doujinka (with links on where to buy them). Well, if you're planning to satiate your bishie-picky appetite, I recommend these ones. Also, if you've bought the Asou Kai doujin already and you want it translated into English, we're more than welcome to do it. Mini Neko Rin is just hnggggg

(Shoot! Yaoi Papa must not show illicit desires.)

ONE MORE THING, it seems that some of you are committing blasphemy against me your Yaoi Papa. Neeyuj (or Jin) is not me. Don't compare me to that baka. He's just a servant

For the love of smut, smex, butts, and penor,
Yaoi Papa

Okay, guys you heard it straight from Yaoi Papa. We're separate entities. I'm just his humble spokesperson, your mediator.
Yaoi Papa is fan of Rin so he only favored those ones with Rin in it. Well, if you're planning to buy them and you want them to be scanlated, as Yaoi Papa said in his letter, we'll do it for you.

Also, we're really in need of translators and cleaners. We're currently working on some KnB (AoKaga KiseKasa KiKuro), SnK (JeaRmin ErMin), OoFuri (AbeMiha), and Magi (MasuSin SinJafar SinJudal) doujin. They're not listed in our current and future projects because they're top secret so if you want to work on these top secret doujin, just PM me.

Oh! Before I forget, the FuruMiyu doujin (Daiya no A) we posted days ago will be reprinted ^^

Have a nice weekend!
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