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Japanese History and Homosexuality

Originally posted by dsysmith at Japanese History and Homosexuality
How come everyone is trying to sell something? Just wondering if I am allowed to just talk about my interest. I hope I am not in the wrong place. ;)

I found out about an interesting fact that Japan has a long history of openly accepting homosexuality from ancient time. I read it from a yaoi manga a while ago-- you never know what you can learn from whatever you go through-- and searched in Wikipedia and found an article about it:


Just as Chinese culture having been more tolerant towards gay relationship before they were exposed to the Western culture, Japan also started to nix homosexuality when they opened up in late 19th century. Now people are more prejudiced towards homosexuality in Asia than other part of the world. They must realize that it is not the way it used to be. Religion that came along with the rest of the Western culture strongly denies and prohibits same sex relationship. I suspect that might have been the main culprit to the change in Asian society unlike some believe that Buddhism or Confucianism was the cause.
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